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And It Started With A...

A thought. A dream. An idea. So it began, our first week of photo shoots has kicked off. Of course it is happening less than two weeks from Christmas, with a party this weekend and shopping to do. Why on Earth would sane people plan seven photo sessions in one week, that would be too much right? With full time jobs, full time lives, husbands, family, holiday festivities, you would think this task impossible, yet here we are, Two shoots down as of my writing, with five more planned in the coming three days.

Our first shoot was with our lovely friend Melissa, who donned a pink and white dress to portray Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Melissa was actually the first cast model, with her long blonde hair and lovely, angled features she reminded us so much of Aurora we just knew she'd be perfect. We set out after work in the low light of 4:30 in the evening, for Florida it was definitely on the cooler side and we were all feeling the chill.

With some minor coaching on how to masterfully kick her foot out while wearing some pretty impressive heals, Melissa was on her way to becoming a full fledged princess. It is always a fun time to shoot with friends and who knew that I had such a knack for coaching models in the ways of daintiness? Photo credit goes to my wonderful husband, David, who braved the cold with us crazies and took all of the behind the scenes pictures for us!

At the end of the day we had such a great time and wound up having quite a few lovely shots! After hours of working on the website, model casting, headband design, and location scouting; numerous phone calls lasting into the night and several pages written and thrown out, changed and rewritten in our planners, we had finally started our project! With this first step we are officially on our way to sealing our target launch date of 01/01/2018.

- Tiffanie

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