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If I Had A World Of My Own...

Nonsense. That's the word I would use to describe my own foray into the world of modeling. If I could call it that, mostly it was two friends messing around while one of them photographed the incident. Today I got to recreate one of my absolute favorite characters, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and it was quite the experience. Having left work early and changed into my costume I already felt like the day was going to be one I'd always remember. It was definitely different than the time Cali made my husband and I take photos dressed as Ariel and Eric on a beach one day after work. That time I had not been prepared, I had no modeling knowledge and very little costume design experience. Today was not that day, it was far less awkward, much fewer bugs were involved and I did not have to wear a wig for the ensemble.

I can definitely understand some of the apprehension our models have, going to a public area, dressed in a costume and being forced to pose for a camera while people passing by get a look, and possibly a good laugh in like the lady driving by in a bus while I pretended to fall down a nonexistent rabbit hole. We had a good spot, a few props, and all the Alice inspired curiosity I could muster, though we did not have a behind the scenes photographer for this shoot so Cali did her best to compensate.

As someone whose creations are usually text based or on a canvas, I always find that the perspective of other artists make all the difference. How cool is it to see behind the camera, as if you, perhaps, are shooting?

P.S. I was totally sinking into the ground and almost fell over right before this shot, those shoes actually have heels on them but you can't tell due to the nature of walking in heels in the slightly damp grass. Another side note worth saying, I definitely stained the heck out of those white tights, who on earth wears white tights out in the world like this on a daily? Alice, that's who, and I have no idea what her secret to staying crisp and clean is, if I am being honest.

As we progress in our series of shoots for our promotional pictures I am left with this tiny nugget of advice that hit me out of nowhere. Do not be afraid to look stupid, whether it's walking around in a full Alice costume on a busy street, or dancing like an idiot on whatever dance floor you find yourself on, stay weird. Trust me when I say that it is so much more fun this way, and while I do not, in any uncertain terms, believe that I have a career as a professional model, I can say that a photo session with a good friend is as good of a time to let loose as any.

All nonsense aside, if you have the opportunity to do any sort of project with your best friend, even it's only something super small and just the two of you, I would definitely go for it! After finishing up our shoot we went out to lunch at one of our favorite places, Cafe Karibo which is located off of 3rd street down town Amelia Island. If you are in the area, you would be missing out if you haven't stopped in. Find their menu and information on their Facebook page Cafe Karibo and the Karibrew. -Tiffanie

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