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GWS Studios Visits Savannah, Georgia!

Some people are designated the ‘planner’ friend, they are the ones who host parties, plan days out, considers everyone’s schedule and are almost never the recipients of a surprise. I am one of those people; I plan the family holidays, menu included, I’ve done baby showers, birthdays, and have often spent the most time planning what we will be doing on any vacations. It’s not a burden, I enjoy planning for the most part but there does get to be a point in which a planner friend starts to feel a bit taken for granted. It was around the holidays that this point was reached for me. It might have been the typical holiday funk or maybe I was a bit emotional, but when I confided in Cali that I was feeling overlooked, she jumped into action to plan my birthday for me. Not just any birthday, she was going to plan a surprise birthday adventure, with the help of my husband, David.

For months they kept this secret, texting their plans and telling me when to ask off from work, all the while keeping me in the dark about our destination that weekend. About two months, several cryptic questions involving four legged animals pulling a carriage, and possible guessing on my part later the day had arrived! We packed our luggage, planned for a surprise reveal of our own, and set out on our way to what I finally knew out destination to be, Savannah.

Some of you may know this but I have never been to Savannah, despite my borderline obsession when I found out it was gifted as a Christmas present to President Lincoln because it was too beautiful of a place to burn on General Sherman’s march south.

To say Savannah lived up to its reputation is an understatement, so much about the city itself is still fantastically beautiful. We fell in love with the cobblestone of River Street, even though I did roll my ankle early in the day, a price well worth it if you ask me. We stopped at local shops, saw a man with a stick in his boot and a cute dog, and ate some fantastic food!

I want to brag on the Kayak Café, for one their food is delicious, for two they use straws made of plant material which, as some of you know, is a huge deal for Cali and I who both love the use of sustainable materials that won’t pollute the earth we love. Great Wide Somewhere Studios, as a business, always looks for a way to promote environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic wastes. Lunch there was a definite must for any return trips!

After some preparation and exploring we ended up in our photography location, one of the parks that Savannah boasts within the city itself. Forsyth Park is a beautiful location, only about a block wide but spanning several in length, where city dwellers and tourist alike can enjoy lush scenery, an amphitheater, stunning views of the prominent fountain and shady spots for picnics or to listen to local musicians playing. It was in this location we decided to reveal our own little surprise, David and I are expecting our first child!

After taking our pictures, which turned into a lovely collage and video thanks to Cali’s genius, we set out for our hotel. We ended up staying just over the border in South Carolina’s Omni Hilton Head Resort. The hotel was nothing short of gorgeous, and despite the cooler February weather we enjoyed some relaxing around the fire before heading to bed after a long day.

In the morning we stopped for breakfast at a little French inspired café, the food was once again superb, and went on our way home. For those who have never been to Savannah I must say that I whole-heartedly recommend it, as our little trip only scratched the surface of what such an amazing city has to offer.

And on another note, if you can go with a wonderful friend it makes it all the more special. This year is a birthday I will always remember, for the laughs, the surprises, the fun, the cold, and, of course, since this will be my last year without our little bean on the outside with us.

Check out our adventures below!

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