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I Want Adventure...

Great Wide Somewhere strikes again! Today was our second shoot, and a very special one at that. Cali, our photography genius, stepped in front of the camera to model our Belle inspired ears. Since our normal photographer would be stepping out of her role we were very lucky to have the help of her husband, and fellow photographer, James.

Though today was much less chilly we definitely had our share of challenges, including the location of our shoot. While the field setting was perfect for the look we were going for, and Cali's outfit was completely on point, there were quite a few prickers lurking underfoot and we both had opted for thin flats. Spoiler alert, those two things do not tend to go together well. We also combated quite a few bugs in the area as the sun went down.

Parking on the side of a busy road made for quite a few stares from passing cars, but with these two, who are no stranger to being on both ends of the lens, it seemed so effortless. I gave hardly any advice on this shoot, Cali and I both hold such a huge affection for Belle, and the Beauty and the Beast movie in all of it's adaptations, that there was very little direction needed

This shoot was one for the books, it may have only been our second one but I am coming to believe that each time we get to bring a little magic into every day life it will be a memorable experience for everyone involved!


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