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True Love Stories Don't Have Endings

Sue'Anne and James at the Fall Mini shoot

There are few greater things in life than hearing a story that touches your heart. That's what happened on a relatively chilly fall day in Florida while we were preparing for what was supposed to be a standard mini photo session, one of several we had booked for the afternoon. Life, it would seem, had different plans as we went into the first session with Sue'Anne and James Dawson. As newly weds ourselves, Cali and James celebrating one year of marriage this year, Gianna and Dave a year as well, and my husband David and myself celebrating three years married, we were collectively in awe of these two who are celebrating 16 years married today, and yesterday. Their infectious love for one another inspired me to reach out and get details on the love of a lifetime, so buckle in as we help these two say hello to another year together.

Young Sue'Anne and James

What makes this story so special is actually when it began, starting when the two met in kindergarten! As most tales of young love do, this one includes a fair amount of pig tail pulling, a deed that typically would involve a nice little smack down but in James' case Sue'Anne made an exception. From then on the two were fast friends, staying in contact all throughout school. Sue'Anne even went as far as to set James up with a girlfriend who would then attempt to keep the two friends apart for two whole years. During this time Sue'Anne and James became engaged to other people, unfortunately at the time, but fortunately in the long run, those relationships did not last.

A phone call to James' parents house after her breakup, while attempting to call another friend entirely, ended up with Sue'Anne and James reconnecting after the few years of not speaking or seeing one another. A few more chance meetings at the local high school and what used to be friendship sparked into something more. On a colder night in December 1999 Sue'Anne remembers warming her hands on the pipe of James' bike on their way to ask to go on a movie date. With her parents' consent, a movie date they had. Seeing Deuce Bigalow and a couple of awkward do I don't I moments the two friends finally became a couple and have not looked back.

True Loves Kiss

From that December night and beyond, James and Sue'Anne were married November 7th, 2002 but their certificate was not dated until November 8th. In their combined good humor the newly wed couple decided from then on they would just celebrate their anniversary on both days! Fast forward 16 years and us ladies of Great Wide Somewhere Studios wanted some tips on how to stay in such a wonderful state of love and devotion. Without skipping a beat the couple told us that first and foremost they were each other's best friends, and a very close second was to always have two blankets on the bed!

We had such a great time photographing and getting to know the Dawson's that we knew we just had to share this incredible love story! They truly exemplify what we are all looking for, and their new found friendship is what Great Wide Somewhere Studios is all about. We'd like to say thank you to Sue'Anne and James and if you would like to share your story with us please reach out via Facebook or here on our website. We'd love to hear from you and share in your big moments. Happy Anniversary, part two! -Tiffanie

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